Sunday, February 19, 2012

Crop Mob Atlanta!!

     Wow!  We had been looking forward to a visit from Crop Mob Atlanta, a group of folks who come together for a day and get their farm on, doing whatever needs doing.  We had scheduled a visit last Saturday, but that weekend was frigid, so we rescheduled for yesterday, February 18.  The nicest, most hardworking bunch of folks rolled up, and moved Decimal Place Farm forward on so many fronts.  One group of folks planted blueberry, blackberry and raspberry bushes, while other folks planted pear and paw-paw.  Another group of really dedicated folks extracted the last remains of an old shed from the ground, pulling ancient t-posts out of ground that was still pretty hard.  Other folks tackled the thankless task of beating back the bamboo growing alongside the driveway.  Then there were folks in the north pasture collecting rocks from the freshly tilled strips, and then overseeding with forage and cover crops.  Then these folks helped Mary string some fresh wire and they put a line of fenceposts in the ground, which will eventually allow us to better manage grazing there.  Then the volunteer caterer showed up and served a very nice lunch, including a great salad and a truly tasty veggie pizza.
     We hustled all morning just keeping up with these folks.  Yes, the early arrivers got a chance to milk, and the does were very tolerant of all the strangers in the dairy parlor.  There was a bit of a tour of the cheese parlor, answering lots of questions.  And there was time to talk, about what we are doing, and about what they are up to.  We really felt the power of community--the amazing things that people can accomplish when they come together.  It also has to make you think about how sad it is when we are denied that power--when we all live isolated lives, each of us tackling life's challenges all by ourselves.  Yes, of course you can, and sometimes you must, but how much higher can we aim, and how much more can we accomplish, when we enable the power of community.
     Crop Mob Atlanta really made an impact on Decimal Place Farm.  We are officially giant fans, and wish these folks all the best.  We hope that they were enriched in some similar measure by their visit to Decimal Place Farm.

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  1. Thanks, I had a great time. Here's a video I made of your farm: